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Booking archive:

14.06.2020 | ATC Marina Liptov
1x Mobilehome 3 Männer
Wir würden gerne ein Mobilehome buchen

14.06.2020 | Camping Pullmann Piešťany
3 Männer

22.07.2020 | Mara Camping / ATC Liptovský Trnovec
1x Caravanstellplatz mit strom + Auto + 2 Erwachsene+ 2 Kinder+ Kl. Hund

30.07.2020 | Camping Pullmann Piešťany
1× Caravan mit Auto + Strom + 2 Erwachsene + 2 Klinder + kl. Hund

25.7.2020 | Slnečné Skaly
2 Stellplätze für 2 Wohnmobile Bungslov pre 2 dospelychAppartmens per rodinku (2 dospeli) s 3 malymi detmi (7-, 5-, 3 rocne)
Dobry den, hladam ubytovanie pre mojich dvoch synov (app

14.06.2020 | Areál Perla Zelená Voda
3 Männer bis 21.06.2020

Auto-camp Počúvadlo

  • Banská Štiavnica, Počúvadlo Route search »
  • District:Banská Štiavnica
  • Region:Banskobystrický kraj
  • Area:Stredné Slovensko
  • Opening date:01.07. - 15.09. Altitude:680 m a.s.l.:
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The Camp is now closed! Camp is well-situated near a lake where visitors can do various water sports, and it is also surrounded by a beautiful nature which creates a perfect place for relaxation. A large number of snack-bars, refreshment stalls and restaurant will certainly contribute to your feeling of comfort. Lovers of fishing will surely come into their own here, too.


  • Telephone: - -

Camping capacity

  • Tents places:áno
  • Caravan places:áno
  • Cottage/Bungalow:nie
  • Appartements/Rooms:áno

Swimming, refreshment, tourism, sport offer


Restaurant in the camp area offers refreshments to the visitors who want to enjoy their holiday without wasting their time with cooking.


Possibility of swimming in a lake in the immediate vicinity of the camp.

Sport and entertainment:

Water sports, ball games, fishing


Camp equipment:
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Warm shower
  • Kitchen
  • Washing-mashine
  • Children's room/place
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Internet/WiFi/PC
  • Reception/Infocenter
  • 24 hours service
  • Place - Elektricity conection
  • Place - Waste/Drain for WC
  • Area completely fenced
  • Post box
  • Common room
  • Dog/Animal
  • Parking place
  • Bike storage
  • Fireplace/broiling
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Credit Card

Price list

Season(summer) off-season Season(summer) off-season
Person: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day Bus: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day
Children: 1.00€/day 1.00€/day Electricity: 3.00€/day 3.00€/day
Tent: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day Animal: 1.00€/day 1.00€/day
Car: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day Recreational fee: - - - -
Motorcycle: 1.00€/day 1.00€/day *Cottage/Mobilhome: - - - -
Caravan: 2.00€/day 2.00€/day *Building: - - - -
* The Price can be for whole unit.


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Camp reviews

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24. 08. 2016
From: MIrexx

V lete 2016 je kemp funkčný, overené, ideme tam aj teraz na víkend. A ak dobre viem fungoval aj vlani v roku 2015, funguje len sezónne mesiace júl a august. Ved stačí zavolať na číslo na stránke kemphodrusa . sk

03. 08. 2015
From: Michal

Dobry den prajem,

chcel by som sa spytat ci je tuto sezonu otvoreny kemp.



30. 07. 2012
From: Martin

V kempe som bol 27.7.2012 a kemp nefungoval!

06. 09. 2011
From: Ulicnik

upravte prosím prevádzkovú dobu, lebo zavádzate ľudí. Bol som tam 4.9.2011 a v kempe mŕtvo ako v márnici.

12. 07. 2011
From: Renata

prečo tu nemáte cenník?,odkial má človek vedieť aké ceny máte??

04. 07. 2011
From: Milo

Prosím vás nemáte tu cenník máte nejaké ceny určené?Ďakujem Cvik

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