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Date from 2024-07-20 | Autocamping Trenčín na Ostrove
2x place for tents, 3 persons

Date from 2024-07-26 | Camping*** Nitrianske Rudno
Ubytovanie pre 4och dospelých (ten domček s terasou)

Date from 2024-07-21 | Autocamp Jami

Date from 2024-07-10 | Autocamping Tajov

Date from 2024-07-20 | Autocamping Tajov
1 stan, 5 deti, 2 dospelý

Date from 2024-07-20 | Vodácke Táborisko Dronte
1 place for a tent and 1 person with motorcycle

Date from 2024-08-02 | Autocamping Tajov
1 tent for 2 people 1 place

Date from 2024-08-15 | Caravan Camp DS
2× Zelt 7 Person 4×Erwachsene 3× Kinder

Date from 2024-07-22 | Táborisko Krym Nová Kelča
1 place for tent, 2 personsAny

Date from 2024-07-08 | miniKEMP Šíp
3 Personen, 1 Zelt, 1 Auto

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Šírava Park TÁBORISKO 2020

Zemplínska ŠíravaZemplínska ŠíravaPozemok 1Pozemok 1Pozemok 3Pozemok 3Zemplínska ŠíravaZemplínska ŠíravaVodné športy 4Vodné športy 4Vodné športy 5Vodné športy 5Sociálna oblasť 1Sociálna oblasť 1Sociálna oblasť 2Sociálna oblasť 2Sociálna oblasť 3Sociálna oblasť 3Sociálna oblasť 4Sociálna oblasť 4Sociálna oblasť 5Sociálna oblasť 5Sociálna oblasť 6Sociálna oblasť 6
  • Klokočov Route search »
  • District:Michalovce
  • Region:Košický kraj
  • Area:Eastern Slovakia
  • Opening date:01.01. - 01.01. Altitude:160 m a.s.l.
my Box

Šírava Park - TÁBORISKO 2020 at the Zemplínska Šírava reservoir. Throughout the summer, families, parties and especially people who want to take a break from everyday stress within the permitted government regulations will find a place to relax.
It is a camping ground, which will be spread over about 53,000 m2 on the banks of the Zemplínská Šírava reservoir. Campers, caravans and tents will find their place at a safe distance to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus.
Not only security service, gastronomic trailers, private beaches and water sports for holidaymakers but also peace and a wonderful combination of nature with relaxation will be the main attraction of our Slovak sea.
In the current situation, where traveling outside the country will not be allowed for people as past years, where tourism in the Slovak Republic will start, we offer you rest, unforgettable memories and experiences that will return some of them nostalgically back to the past.



  • Tents places:
  • Camping places:
  • Bungalow/Cottage:
  • Building:


Camp equipment:
  • Drinking water
  • Toilets
  • Warm shower
  • Kitchen
  • Washing-mashine
  • Children's room/place
  • Barrier-free accommodation
  • Barrier-free toilets
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Internet/WiFi/PC
  • Reception/Infocenter
  • 24 hours service
  • Place - Elektricity conection
  • Place - Waste/Drain for WC
  • Area completely fenced
  • Post box
  • Common room
  • Dog/Animal
  • Parking place
  • Bike storage
  • Fireplace/broiling
  • Restaurant
  • Shop
  • Credit Card

Price list

Season(summer) off-season Season(summer) off-season
Person: 2.70€/day - - Bus: - - - -
Child: 1.40€/day - - Electricity: - - - -
Tent: 3.00€/day - - Animal: 1.50€/day - -
Car: 3.00€/day - - Recreational fee: - - - -
Motorcycle: 3.00€/day - - *Cottage/Mobilhome: - - - -
Caravan: 3.50€/day - - *Building: - - - -
Kemper – mobilný dom 6.50EUR/os./den
* The Price can be for whole unit.
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03. 07. 2020
From: Mf

Zišla sa tu skvelá partia zanietených nadšencov. Výbava kempu už teraz nadštandardné,WC a teplá sprcha v mobilných prívesoch, čisté a hygienické.???? Strážnik 24/7,bufet do 22hod . Ak hľadáš oddych a pokoj, nič viac nepotrebuješ.

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